My work is a deconstructed expression of the land and seascape. I focus on evoking the abstract found in the narrative. Primarily, my interest lies in the ever-changing textures of the environment. As the seasons come and go they create a dance. This rhythm generates a "counterpoint" that allows independent textures, contrasts, to interplay in the process of painting.

At the age of five I began studying classical piano.  During the elementary years in school I began drawing.  I was attracted to mixed media possibilities. Using bits and pieces, found objects, torn pages from comic books, I used paint and pencil to integrate the variety of elements onto scraps of cardboard boxes used as canvas.

Painting is my primary focus. I also work in the mixed/multiple media format. My mixed media work includes drawing, brush painting, photo-collage. During the last 5 years I have been experimenting with photography. I have a couple of Holga cameras, a very vintage Fuji point and shoot. Occasionally I experiment with disposable cameras. I consider my photographic efforts to be part of my painting process, using the camera as a sketch pad. I deconstruct my photographs and use them in the mixed media process. I take photographs of the land and seascape with my eclectic collection of cameras to challenge my sense of time and light. It continues to intrigue me. The use of vibrant color and the contrasting use of black and white are important to my work.  I build heavy layers of color and carve into the layers using ceramic tools. There is a tension that comes from the contrast of heavy areas of paint supported by a smooth glossy surface consisting of many transparent glazes. Scratching into the glazed surface creates a variety of marks that reveal the underlying colors. I work in acrylic paint on canvases in a range of sizes. Acrylic paint supports my need to respond quickly to my feelings in the moment.